Financial Reporting Software

IFRS SYSTEM has Financial Reporting Software for all needs and budgets, from a consolidation tool to comprehensive reporting for private and public entities. The software is designed by financial reporting experts and has been used to prepare thousands of financial reports for many leading companies.


Features include:

  • Simple to access and easy to use
  • Accepts data from all common general ledgers
  • Flexible reporting options
  • Dynamic import/export capability
  • Foreign currency converter
  • Seamless integration with ‘Word’ and ‘Excel’
  • Import ‘proprietary’ commentary
  • Unique auto allocation routine
  • Multiple cross checks and validations
  • Fully configurable user levels
  • Easy to change the ‘look and feel’ of reports
  • On-screen and printed alerts and warnings
  • Comprehensive set of up-to-date notes
  • Automatic population of required notes
  • Simple editing and sorting of notes
  • Context sensitive help
  • Quick and efficient roll forward to next period

Benefits include:

  • No more consolidation spreadsheets
  • Shorter preparation cycles
  • Greater clarity and transparency of numbers
  • Reduced risk of errors and non-compliance
  • Support for a more efficient audit process